Outing the Peace Movement

By Ike Morgan

I attended the March for Truth anti war rally this past Saturday in Augusta. Without the filter of a swooning, compliant media I was able to witness first hand the magical workings of the mind of the left. Of no surprise were the signs, buttons and t-shirts with all the tired worn out slogans synonymous with the left: BUSH LIED!….. NO BLOOD FOR OIL… IMPEACH!…. SOCIALISM NOW!…. TERRORIST AMERICA!… and of course, the obligatory blood stained flag and George W. Bush caricature masks.

Giddy with self-importance, they were determined to showcase the virtues of their cause. The moral preening that took place in Augusta that day would be the envy of even the most narcissistic soul.

It’s been said before but it’s worth repeating: the anti-war peace movement promulgated by the left has very little to do with peace and much to do with its participant’s need to vent their contempt for America.

As usual, the local media (BDN included) continue to churn out puff pieces that portray anti war leftists as heroic visionaries battling for a noble cause. In reality these peaceniks are mostly warmed-over Marxists of the 60’s or pampered middle class college students with lots of time on their hands.

The profound guilt they feel being part of the wealthiest, freest, most tolerant society on earth does really strange things to them. Not content to appreciate their fortunes, they instead have built an ugly world of alienation and bitterness that is exemplified in their hate America rants, all the while enjoying freedoms, liberties, and a standard of living unequaled in the history of mankind.

As with all Americans they have the right to voice contempt and hatred to their hearts’ content. Even the use of outright lies and historical revisionism is met with tolerance in America. Fortunately, what is also allowed is a repudiation of their lies and the exposing of the insidious nature of their ideas. Although volumes could be written on the fatuity and moral conceit of the anti war left, a sampling paints an ample picture.

The left is only "anti war" when America uses force to protect its interests. Supporting Marxist guerillas waging war in Central America against legally elected democracies is acceptable.

The Soviet Union’s brutal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in 1980 was met with "Stop the War" demonstrations by the left. Only problem was they were protesting US support for the anti-Communist Afghans.

The genocide and mass persecution committed by the left’s beloved "agrarian reformers" after the Vietnam war was particularly heinous even by 20th Century standards. To this day few on the left have had the decency to acknowledge the results of their handy work..

Communism and socialism, the darlings of the left, have been responsible for more human misery and death than any other movement in the past 200 years. One needs only to study the history of the Soviet Union and other communist nations to get the specifics.

The left engaged in repeated attempts to discredit and sabotage Ronald Reagan’s efforts to win the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Luckily for millions of people the left was not successful. Once trapped in totalitarian regimes behind the Iron Curtain they are well on their way to self-determination and freedom.

The War on Terror has really whipped the left into a frenzy. Their apoplectic rants about American imperialism and "No Blood for Oil" belie the fact that the US has successfully liberated over 40 million people from the tyranny of brutal regimes. It’s of little concern to the left that the rape rooms and execution fields are now a thing of the past.

The list goes on. From the Cold War to Vietnam to Central America to the War on Terror, the left has been wrong on virtually every foreign policy issue in the past 40 years.

Refuting the failed and dangerous vision of the left is always difficult. By worming their way into prominent positions in universities and the media they are able to maintain the façade as champions of social justice. Historical spin is the lifeblood of the left. With it they have been able to carve out a tidy world that insulates them from inconvenient facts.

That is why the peace march in Augusta was just another example of the vacuity of the left and that is why they will forever be on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of humanity.

-- Ike Morgan lives in Exeter, Maine --

E-Mail: fmorgan@msad48.org