The Wrong Side of History....The Wrong Side of Humanity

By Ike Morgan

Nostalgia for the Sixties takes us back to a time of free love, good drugs, and uninhibited idealism. With the Vietnam War as a backdrop, the Sixties was the ultimate stage for young people striving for social justice, peace, and a brand new world free of the constraints of tradition. The Sixties allowed those who wished to partake, an exhilarating fantasy ride replete with a sense of virtue and self- importance. Remaking the world according to a particular vision was only a matter of wishing it so.

Every generation struggles with the excesses of youth. In this respect the Sixties were no different. What made the Sixties unique was that the normal exuberance of youth was guided by a dangerous ideology that was the cornerstone of the New Left; Marxism. Marxism and youth turned out to be a volatile mix. As the former communnist/leftist radical, David Horowitz describes it, what began as youthful mischief turned destructive. He frequently refers to the Sixties as the Destructive Generation.

With the help of a compliant media and an infusion of young impressionable minds the New Left was now ready to confront any and all symbols of the establishment regardless of their value. The Vietnam War was the perfect venue for acting out their contempt and hatred for America.

During the Vietnam War the Left became synonymous with the anti war peace movement. Masquerading as a ‘peace’ movement allowed the left to avoid the scrutiny of its many critics. In reality the left’s ‘peace’ movement had very little to do with peace and much to do with an allegiance to a brand new world ruled by Marxism.

They did not want peace if it meant an American victory. The only peace they wanted was that which came with a communist victory. A narcissistic youth enthralled by Marxism and socialism to the point of wishing for America’s failing. America, capitalism, and the traditions forged by time were in the crosshairs of the New Left. Moral passion was their only guide. In the end, the left got their wish; the communists won, America lost.

The Left’s culpability in America’s defeat is undeniable. Anti war and anti American fervor, a hallmark of the left, greatly enhanced the communist’s resolve. Vietnamese generals and leaders are unequivocal when they say that they could not have defeated the US without the aid of the anti war movement of the left. In fact they relied on it for their overall strategy for success.

Having firmly established America’s guilt to go along with a communist victory it seemed the left’s work was done. Like true narcissists they bathed in self-flattery for causing America’s capitulation. And also like true narcissists they turned their backs on the very people they prided themselves so much in caring about.

Of little concern were the disastrous consequences to be borne by millions of innocent peasants as a result of the Left’s handy work.

More peasants were killed during the first 3 years after America’s withdrawal from Indochina then all 13 years of the anti Communist war. Millions were ripped from their homes and force marched to re-education camps. Untold thousands of men, women, and children either perished or suffered unspeakable brutality at the hands of the new communist regimes. Thousands of boat people drowned attempting to escape the horror and tyranny of the left’s beloved reformers. Vietnam became one of the most militarized, totalitarian countries in the world.

In neighboring Cambodia, Pol Pot and his regime emptied entire cities and forced millions of refugees into the countryside to perish for lack of food, shelter, and medical care. Millions were slaughtered in the name of a Marxist revolutionary utopia. To this day The Killing Fields of Cambodia stand out as a stark symbol of man’s inhumanity to man.

America’s withdrawal from Vietnam had negative ramifications throughout the world. The Soviet Union’s ambition for the spread of Marxist-led regimes was emboldened by the US defeat in Vietnam and thus led to the marked expansion of the Soviet sphere through violence and conquest. Laos, Cambodia, Yemen, Mozambique, and parts of Central America suffered massive human toll as communist insurgents fought to instill Soviet friendly regimes. The Soviet military slaughtered millions during their invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Soviet supported Cuba was unencumbered in its efforts in fomenting civil war in Angola.

To this day, very few on the left have acknowledged the consequences of their efforts. In fact, the few who did question the brutality of the new communist regimes were scorned by their brethren on the left as having ‘sold out’ to the cause.

35 years removed, the anti war left still sees itself as heroic visionaries who battled oppression and sacrificed so much for a noble cause. In reality, most of the anti war radicals were pampered middle class college students with lots of time on their hands. They enjoyed freedom, liberties and a standard of living unequaled in history.

Little did they realize that the new government that they envisioned would have executed them on the spot for what they were allowed to do in America during the Sixties.

To maintain the façade as champions of social justice the left must be on continuous guard to insulate themselves from inconvenient facts. Historical spin is the lifeblood of the left… without it, their vision crumbles. By worming their way into prominent positions in universities and the media they have set themselves up as the gate-keeper of memory and in so doing, are able to perpetuate the myth of the Sixties.

Accountability is not part of the lexicon of the left. That is why they will be forever on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of humanity.

Ike Morgan